Northern India Man and African-American Woman finds love.

I met Mohinder through friends who owned an Indian Restaurant. He asked one of them to ask me to friend him on Facebook. I said I would. We sent messages and encouraging memes to one another from time to time. I was a bit busy daily, due to my teaching position by day then director at a family life center at night.

He then asked if I Skyped. I told him I did. We started Skyping one another. We had so much in common it seemed. There was a language barrier and he would get discouraged. I explained that I was very patient and am used to talking with people who speak different languages. He could teach me Hindi and I could teach him English. We were mainly texting and talking without video.

When we decided to video chat, this was all together different. We were both shy about it at first. He didn’t smile much, so I encouraged him to smile more. To this day when he smiles, it lights me up. He had a roommate as well as I, so we started chatting together with our roommates. That was so much fun. We shared many comical episodes with #Skype. It got to the point that I looked forward to talking with him. I could hardly wait to share my day with him. He told me I was a good woman. I asked him how he knows that, because I could be some crazy lady. He laughed and told me he could tell by the things I do. He said I am very family oriented, work with children, we eat the same diet of poultry, vegetables and fruit. He also told me I did not have bad habits such as smoking and drinking. That was my lifestyle, so I had never thought about it that way. Hmmmm. 🤔 I started thinking, this man is very insightful concerning me. I like this.🤗

Long distance relationships are hard at first. Though we talked about being together, we both ended up dating other people. We chatted every once in a while without telling one another about what was going on. I could not take dating anymore, because I learned what it was like connecting with someone who “gets me”. We started talking about me coming to visit him in Ireland. When I talked about it with friends, I had some who told me to go for it and what an amazing opportunity in life. Others were expressive in old sayings that the “India wife has to walk behind the men” and “they beat their women”. Wellll, HELLO, surely he can’t be any worse than what I have experienced in my own country with men.

I decided I needed to go on my own terms. Instead of him getting my flights etc, I would get my own. Also, I researched B&Bs in his area to stay at. This way if something did not go right, I would shift to Plan B and come home. Little did I know that this trip would far exceed my expectations.

We celebrated my coming to Ireland with dancing and toasts the night I arrived. He had also bought roses for me. Their everyday errands was a touring opportunity for me and enabled me to take great photos of landscapes.

Stay tuned for more about Mohinder’s and my story. Namaste 🕉

Well… Our story is so long. There were days I wanted to continue writing about Mohinder and my story, but couldn’t figure out where to start. Today, July 29, 2018, Im starting with today.

We have had another blow to our process. More document drama. The real problem is Mohinder being in Ireland, but India citizenship. Gathering documents from India, which takes forever to obtain. It has been 2 years since his original entry date October 2016. I pray this is over soon. I really need his presence in my life. When I get frazzled, he is my calming stream. When he’s frazzled, I am his calming stream. There is not much tension in our relationship except this process. Many people ask why continue to put my life on hold. Im sure he experiences the same thing there. We truly feel more connected than before, plus how do you give up on love…….just for politics sake?? 🤔 I am so fulfilled by his love that I am satisfied though far away from him. Video chats help tremendously.

I miss days of long walks and sitting at a cafe sipping on lattes with him. I miss him bringing me breakfast in bed and him making our morning Indian Tea with milk, ginger and cardamom. I fix his tea with the same method and spices as he does, but add a bit of cinnamon for a little twist. 🤗☕

It is now October 28, 2018. We submitted the other documents asked and still need more documentation. I am trying this time to obtain them instead of Mohinder. I believe there is language and cultural barriers to this process. I asked friends and family in India to help with obtaining documents. I will try on this side. We are excited about the holidays though. The tensions we had in July are gone. We just thank God for today. Im looking forward to seeing him soon.

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