Touring Ireland


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I have visited Ireland many times. My fiance lives there which gives me the opportunity to be in it’s culture and lifestyle.

I love the environment there. It is so fresh, crisp, totally beautiful and calming. Everybody moves slow. No hussle and bustle. The people are polite and mindful of making a good impression.

When I first visited, I spent time in Old Castle. It was very quaint. Dont blink, but still as educating. The old churches there and rich history are like taking a walk back into history books in school while growing up. I was there in October…..where halloween had originated. How exciting! They celebrate it as a “Bank Holiday”, which means businesses and banks are closed. I did not participate, since my fiance nor I celebrate it. I would have never imagined as a child to be in Ireland on Halloween where it originated. #TakeALook2c in an encyclopedia under Halloween origin to learn how it came about and how they celebrated.


My next town experience in Ireland was Letterkenny Co Donegal. Letterkenny was more of my pace. Buzzing business and shop “uptown”. I personally say uptown, because the city shops ectera were on top of the hill. It was a workout of a walk. Many takeways, charity shops, hair salons, nail salons, cafes and banks. My favorite charity shop is @StVincents. I love browsing the charity shops, because the items for sale tell you about the culture there. My first purchase was a brown jacket with the outer material faux leather and the inside material faux fur. The fur was soft and warm on the very sunny and breezy day. Do not let the sun fool you. It looked warm, but it was chilly. The jacket was a perfect find my underdressing.

Letterkenny also has a shopping mall and outdoor mall area. They are in the same area as the town, but down the hill. There’s also a McDonalds and KFC. 🤗


St. Johnston is an hour from Letterkenny. I spent a couple of

weeks there. Very quiet and small town. Beautiful place. It is smaller than Old Castle.

Belfast Northern Ireland

Dublin Ireland

Thank you for visiting my page. 🦋

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