BubbleHouse HandMade Soap

Hello my fellow bloggers.

I know I’ve been absent a few months, but it has not been due to laze. I have started a business making “HandMade” home made soap products from scratch as well as BubbleHouse Body Oils and Soy Candles. I use 100% Organic Oils as my base and 100% Essential Oils for my scents. Some scents are blended and others are 100% of an oil. I use “Activated Charcoal” in some of the bars as a pore detoxer. It is good for acne prone skin. After the acne is under control, you can use a regular bar, which is made with coconut oil as a cleanser and olive oil as a moisurizer. You can alternate as your skin needs.

If you check many other “home made” or “hand made” soap businesses, you will find many of them are “melt and pour” soaps bought from other companies. It becomes their own brand by manipulating the soap with color and fragrance to make it their own signature soap. My business is a bit different, because I cook the soap from scratch from the Organic Oils and the “saponification process”. The saponification is cooking the oils with “lye” in a crockpot until it reaches “trace”. After trace, the soap is cooked for about an hour until all the lye is cooked out. You then test the mixture, either by a ph balance strip or a taste from the mixture. I use the taste. If it “zaps” your tongue…..the lye is still active. If you taste soap only, your soap is ready to pour into the molds. I like the zap way, because I am assured all lye is cooked out.

My most popular scents are “Sleepy Time”, “Happy Day” and “Jovonah”. Sleepy time is made with a Lavender blend. A friend trying my soaps said it made him relax and feel sleepy after work. I named it Sleepy Time. Happy Day has Lemongrass and Lemon, which helps me to feel energized and productive. I enjoy good problem-solving and more ideas in the shower while using Happy Time. Jovonah seems to soothe and relax customers. They always react with, “Ooooo, I like this!” While modulating their voices. I sense romance and freedom in this scent. It is made with “Patchouli”.

These are just the beginning of many Essential Oil scents that I am experimenting with. I recently made a blend similar to “Purification” and “Thieves”. I call them, “Purify” and “Immune”. They are special order oils. They are used for medicinal uses and do not smell great. They have oils which are antibacterial, antiviral, antimicrobial. One day I felt a tickling in my nose and throat. I sniffed the “Immune” a few times in the day and the tickling went away. I prefer not to apply it to my body, but you can. Some folk roll it on their spines, so it can go straight to the nervous system.

I hope you stay tuned to my page for more updates. I will be adding an order application, so that you can order products from this page.

Thank you for learning about BubbleHouse HandMade Soap’s products. I cant wait for you to try them. 💙💚🤗😊💙💚